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The MOUTH masks are more than a protective comfort mask. They call for a re-definition of our domesticated world, a renewed respect for nature and a dedicated focus on the well-being of the other(s), human and non-human.

For every mask we sell, we donate an additional mask to a one our community projects.


The MOUTH Mask project is coordinated by the Mouth Foundation and the Cosmogolem Foundation, who support the distribution of comfort masks to more vulnerable groups at home and abroad. A first 10,000 masks will be donated to projects in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Chili, Belgium and the US. In addition, we provide sewing machines and cloth to our community partners for local production. 

Order your own MOUTH Mask and

join and support the movement

Place your order via our local partner; Kiwanis Genk Midden Limburg. Visit their website for more information or email

Send us a photo and/or video of you wearing your MOUTH Mask via

And/or share your statement online #Mouthmaskthisisnotachicken

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