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A Global Community

A global network

The masks are supported by our Mouth Foundation. 10 000 face masks are distributed to all our social projects at home and abroad. From the LABIOMISTA farm in Belgium to the Future of Hope in Zimbabwe. Through and thanks to our people, we will set a strong example to protect the other(s). Together, we will show the turnaround and become

the pioneers of our recovery and healing process.

Protecting the other!

Local partners

MOUTH Foundation, worldwide
Global Campus of Human Rights, worldwide
Future of Hope Foundation, Zimbabwe
Mapuche Schools, Chile
Incubated Worlds, Ethiopia
Wasserman Projects, USA
KONTEJNER| bureau of contemporary art praxis, Croatia
MOET (Mangochi Orphans Education & Training), Malawi
NOMAD community, Belgium
Europarc Federation, Europe
De RegenbOog, Belgium
Covida, Belgium
Open Farm, Belgium

and many more


If you want to join or support our project
please contact
For Koen Vanmechelen and the Mouth Foundation, our first objective is to send out the MOUTH Masks to the vulnerable communities.
However, if you wish to acquire your own MOUTH Mask, and thereby support the project, please contact our local partner; Kiwanis Genk Midden Limburg.
Visit their website for more information.
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