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This is Not a Chicken

Suddenly, within a few months,

Covid-19 is dominating our lives,

we have become the chicken...

After repeatedly isolating other infected species, we are now quarantining ourselves, the most domesticated species of all.

​This should not come as a surprise.


What we do with the chickens, will eventually happen to us.

High time to launch the movement;



​This is not a Chicken!

Artist Koen Vanmechelen, ecologist Ignace Schops, and human rights expert Manfred Nowak join forces.

Through a specially designed face mask with a highly charged symbolism, they invite you to become pioneers of a post-corona recovery and healing process that focuses on the well-being of the other(s), both human and non-human animals, nature and culture.

Discover the statements

Order your own MOUTH Mask and

join and support the movement

Place your order via our local partner; Kiwanis Genk Midden Limburg. Visit their website for more information or email



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